Blockchain enabled counterfeit and provenance management platform.

We bring you a simple, straightforward and design-led way to depict your product’s travel and share your one-of-a-kind brand story, in collaboration with your clients. Our Solution is built on blockchain technology which essentially is -transparent, adaptable, scalable -track and trace solution with integrated end-user engagement.

Product Authenticity

We Do Verify provides assurance to your customers that they are purchasing genuine products and help you identify possible parallel-trading and grey market vectors through data analytics. The platform leverages the immutability of the blockchain as well as QR and NFC (or other consumer scannable tech) to enhance overall user experience.


We help you share your unique process from grain to glass; from barley to peat, water to yeast, barrel to bottle, to the region that it is made and help you share your tale with the world.

Customer Engagement

Understand what your customer really cares about

Our platform analytics derive various customer engagement dashboards that can be used in deciding product improvements and features among many other things. This will help your business spend your money where it can derive maximum customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn.

Our Platform
Supply chain analytics and business decision driving dashboards

We Do Verify platform allows information from multiple sources to be grouped logically, thus enabling smart business decisions. Information can be sourced from various ecosystem partners that can be access controlled.

Track Points
The proof of the pudding is in the Journey

Our platform provides you with seamless ways to integrate workflow in your supply chain across ecosystem players, thereby mapping the complete journey. All these are etched in blockchain to ensure utmost transparency.

Your customers can verify these at purchase points while consuming your product.

Prove to your customers your products are the best, always! Create a journey that your customers will relish, trust and believe in. The journey where each stage can be double checked as per your customer interests.
Go Phygital
Seamlessly create a unique digital identity to your physical product

We leverage channels like QR and NFC to help you to create unique digital identities for your product, Which in turn opens up a plethora of additional avenues of engagement and monetization.

Off Pack
Connect your physical product to a digital experience

Your product is more than price, look and cost. Using the QR code or NFC chip, the customers can go deeper with a mobile-first experience and be part of the entire journey and impact.

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Authenticity proof

Brand Protection

Supply chain Transparency

Real time customer engagement

Batch recalling

Digital etching - eGifts